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Stand out from the competition.
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Who We Are

Vital Image Concepts (VIC) is an integrated marketing communications firm specializing in design and branding, digital marketing and business development. Our unique approach to marketing communication caters to startup companies penetrating the market, emerging brands looking to make their mark and established businesses looking for fresh insights. Our creative team fueled by passion, curiosity and a total commitment to the success of our clients. That is, we want to help them make money. Our mission is to spark conversations and build relationships -- through work that is always engaging, visually distinctive insightful.

Our strategic approach to design and marketing communication supports our client's business objectives, contributes positively to their growth and enhance their position in a competitive marketplace.

What We Do

Our services cover every aspect of marketing -- from brand positioning to partner marketing to website design, but we specialize in:

  • Interactive
  • Design & Branding
  • Business Development


In a world where technology is rapidly changing and growing, a strong web presence can be your ticket to a customer base you didn't even know was at your fingertips. As a communication tool, the web is limitless. That's why it's even more important that your website – as well as your social media presence – – be deployed as a strategic tool to reinforce your brand. At Vital Images Concept, we create websites and social media channels using strategic and creative design solutions that engage users.

Design & Branding

No longer is a brand what you tell consumers it is -- it is what consumers tell each other it is. At VIC, we take a strategic approach in creating an effective brand. Through an in-depth analysis of your company and customers, we distill a branding strategy that identify your unique position in the marketplace and determine how your services deliver solutions to those needs. We use a logical and holistic approach in determining the important characteristics of your company, including: positioning, messaging, visual and verbal expression. From those characteristics, we use creative design to communicate a distinctive and relevant brand experience.

Business development

What is your marketing and business objective? Acquiring new customers? Increasing the visibility of your brand? VIC can help. We believe in:

  • Differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Developing creative solutions that connect clients to the needs of their audience
  • Fresh, dynamic on-brand creative solutions

As an entrepreneur, clients must be aware of all aspects of creating, starting, and maintaining a small business. The VIC team will conduct workshops and seminars on the issues relevant to growth and development of businesses today, including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business plan development
  • Business financing
  • Marketing
  • Business technology

How We Do It

We strongly believe that smart and effective communication programs require a logical and strategic approach. We deliver this approach through collaboration. With VIC, our clients are included in every step of the way, promoting each segment of the process to its fullest potential. Our project managers interact with our clients, enabling us to deliver informed and engaging solutions on a consistent basis.

Why Us?

We are passionate. We are committed. And we like to tell stories --Your story. Our unique insight into our clients' industries, as well as what attributes set them apart in a competitive marketplace, gives us the edge in creating work that is visually distinctive and a branding strategy that is on target.

Our approach

At VIC we help clients identify and express the simple truths of who they are -- creating strategies, stories and experiences across all channels that stimulate the senses, engage the emotions and help our clients realize their full potential.

Our team & culture

VIC'S diverse, talented and experienced creative team boasts extensive international experience in corporate, non-profit and educational environments, and we commit ourselves each day to upholding our values: smart, fun and driven.

Clients & Industries

VIC develops simple, smart solutions for emerging and established brands alike. From financial services, legal and healthcare companies to non-profit, educational and government institutions, we've worked with clients in just about every industry.